Monetizing Your Customers' Voices

Vôcinate (from the verb prefix Voc~ meaning to call or speak, and the verb suffix ~ate meaning to cause to be) helps local businesses get closer than ever before to their customers; enabling anytime friction-free financial and/or informational transactions.

Vôcinate’s goal is to make it really easy for local businesses to virtually move-into their customers’ homes and be in a constant state of readiness to answer questions or process orders through the most natural and personal form of communication...the human voice.

We remove all the barriers and provide you with all the tools you need.

Why Use Vôcinate?

Fully Scalable

We'll make it possible for your customers to connect with you wherever and whenever they want so you can focus on your passion and repurpose your team members to higher value activities.

Seamless Integration

We work with your existing POS and payment systems to deliver a no-headache roll-out of new services.

Relationship Management

Know who your customers really are and provide a valuable alternative to long wait times and complicated online tools.